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ITALIAN MERINGUE with potato protein

ITALIAN MERINGUE with potato protein

The classic Italian meringue is a meringue cooked with a syrup of water and sugar at 121 °C. In the vegan version we will replace the egg whites with the potato protein.
This meringue can therefore be used to make mousses, decorate cakes or tarts, to make a butter/margarine meringue cream.



I use the POTATO WHIP, it is a product of SOSA a very famous brand in pastry and cooking and with high quality products. It is a powder formed from the potato protein that has whipping and stabilizing effects, it is an albumin substitute for vegans and people allergic to milk proteins and soy.
To give the meringue more stability and structure, I always add a little xanthan gum.
Instead of the potato protein you can use aquafaba, substitute the grams of PotatoWhip + water with same grams of aquafaba.





  • 150 g caster sugar;
  • 100 g water (1);
  • 100 g water (2);
  • 4,6 g Potato Whip Sosa;
  • 1 g xanthan gum.



1 – In a saucepan, bring the water (1) and granulated sugar to 118/121 °C.
2 – In the meantime, blend the water (2) and the Potato Whip in the mixer bowl, start whipping with the whisk. When it is almost whipped add the xanthan gum and continue whipping, you will immediately see a change in texture, the meringue will become more stable and thicker.
3 – At this point, when the syrup has reached the right temperature, pour it into the meringue slowly, continuing to whip at high speed. Continue whipping until cool.
4 – Immediately use the meringue to decorate a dessert, cake, tart or make a mousse. You can also decorate a parfait, the meringue will remain soft in the freezer and will not freeze because it has a high % of sugar.



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