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Alessia Luisa

is a talented young Pastry Chef who attended the professional pastry school ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine, of the great Gualtiero Marchesi, in Colorno, Parma.

She continued to deepen her knowledge by working abroad between England and Australia, and always continuing to train through online courses with the greatest experts in the sector.

The years spent abroad have allowed her to perfect the English language and bring her courses and books to an international level, reaching her goal of being able to spread her knowledge and help people all around the world.

Discover Alessia’s innovative method of teaching through her online courses, you will have the power to replace ingredients of animal origin without sacrificing the taste and aesthetics of the dessert. Find out more about the Academy.


“My passion for pastry began in the early teens with cake design. I then decided to embark an educational journey, to transform this passion into my job, attending one of the best pastry schools in the world: ALMA.

In ALMA I learned the foundations of pastry, the love and art of this job. It gave me a great career opportunity, first with an internship in a starred restaurant in Milan, Alice (now ViVa) by Viviana Varese, then giving me the strength and skills to go abroad and continue my career as a pastry chef . After ALMA I decided to move abroad first to London and then to Sydney for 4 years.
During this journey I had the opportunity to work in fine-dining restaurants and also in pastry shops.

And it is precisely in the “land of kangaroos” that I approached and became passionate about VEGAN PASTRY.

I had the opportunity to work in a bakery that created some plant-based desserts where they also gave me the opportunity to experiment with new recipes.

Since that moment I have never stopped studying, experimenting and researching products that could replace eggs, gelatine, butter, cream, etc.

I discovered a whole world, but at first I was skeptical and I didn’t know where to start, I never thought I’d be able to create the vegan desserts that I bake now.
I define my style as modern, elegant and clean, I like to make original desserts out of the ordinary.

My goal is to transform every traditional pastry into vegan, keeping the modern style I love, starting from scratch, studying new ingredients and techniques.

My thought is that there are no limits, with a lot of study and technique it is possible to make any dessert without animal derivatives, and these have nothing to envy to traditional pastry, if anything, the opposite as by baking vegan we will only create a better world without hurt anyone.
There is no need to give up taste and aesthetics and I will prove it to you through my recipes , which you can find in my BLOG and EBOOKS.


In 2021 I also decided to found a Vegan Online Academy “L’Opéra del Dolce” to be able to pass on all my knowledge and techniques regarding modern vegan pastry. In the Academy you will find ONLINE COURSES consisting of a practical and a theoretical part, find out more by clicking HERE.


For private lessons and collaborations contact me by email


Thank you for visiting my website and I hope I have passed on and taught you something new.”