Yesterday I made a new version of my Vegan Chocolate and Pear cake, this time it's gluten free and without nuts.   You can find the recipe I made 1 year ago here : CHOCOLATE, PEAR & HAZELNUT CAKE It's super soft and moist and delicious that I wanted to share the recipe with you as soon as possibile!!   I used this mix of Gluten free flour which is amazing, I love the consistency it gives to the cake, it holds the structure very well.   It's in Italian but it

This cake is sooo soft and delicious, it's perfect for breakfast or a tea time. But most important is super easy to make and you'll have a success with al your friends and family!! It's also very versatile so you can modify the recipe and instead of plum use other fruit like apple, pear etc   INGREDIENTS for a 18cm diameter round mould (it could be made bigger, it just will be less high)   80 g sunflower seed oil  140 g vegetable milk (I use soy) 120 g vegetable plain yogurt (or flavored) 80 g caster

For a long time I wanted to make this Babka, especially with berries as I love the color effect they creates. I finally had the time to bake it and I want to share the recipe with you.   INGREDIENTS:   FOR THE DOUGH: 6 g dry brewer's yeast 145 g vegetable milk 5 g vanilla paste 55 g caster sugar 2 g salt 300 g flour Manitoba type "0" 60 g margarine / vegan butter (hard one, not spreadable one)   FOR THE FILLING: 200 g berries 20 g caster sugar 100 g pistachio grains   METHOD:   1- In the bowl of the stand

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I collaborate with a fantastic company that has LOTS of VEGAN PRODUCTS -> BIOSALUTE, this time they gave me a whipping cream entirely made from coconut -> THIS ONE. You need to put it in the fridge to let it cool before you can whip it. If you want a super stable cream then this is perfect for you, I even added a little lime juice to soften it because it is very thick. Since it is

How many of you have missed cheesecake when switched to a vegan diet? How hard is it to find a vegan spreadable cheese with a good flavor? I found it!! It tastes like Philadelphia, it's light and delicious! No weird aftertaste, just amazing. Perfect for savory dishes and sweet recipes like this one that I present to you today. You can find it on the BIOSALUTE website click HERE. They also have other vegan products like cashew margarine that I used to make the base for this dessert. So

VIDEO:   INGREDIENTS for 8 cookies: 30 g vegetable seed oil; 30 g coconut oil; 30 g vegetable milk; 40 g caster sugar; 60 g brown sugar (or all 100 g of brown sugar); 2 g salt; 90 g cake flour type 00; 2 g bicarbonate soda (1/2 tsp); 110 g dark choco chips.   METHOD: 1 - To prepare the cookies in a bowl weigh the melted coconut oil and the seed oil, add the milk and mix well with a whisk. Add the two sugars and salt and

Today February 16th is PANCAKE DAY, I had a thousand things to do but I had to publish a new recipe right? So I managed to cut out some time between the thousands of commitments and make some quick pancakes, after all it takes very little time, 10 minutes and they're done. Since I was a child I have always loved vanilla ice cream with hot berries, hot and cold is a contrast that taste great in desserts. So I decided to use this delicious combo on

In a few days it is Women’s Day and I wanted to share my recipe with you. I couldn’t not make the traditional mimosa cake, but obviously I revisited it in a vegan way and I made a mono portion by creating an half sphere of light vanilla cream and then covered with the vanilla sponge cake. Here is the VIDEO of the realization:   INGREDIENTS FOR 7 PORTION: 1 VANILLA SPONGE vegan square 20x20 cm, my recipe HERE, FOR THE LIGHT VANILLA CREAM: 182 g soy milk (or another vegan milk);

A super simple floral tart to make and perfect for Valentine's Day. It consists of a cocoa shortcrust pastry base, filled with a dark chocolate ganache and then decorated with berries and edible flowers.   TOOLS USED: Kenwood mixer; Balance; Rolling pin; Tart ring Silikomart 190 mm; Glass bowl; Graduated jug; Silicone spatula; Mini elbow spatula; Edible flowers.   INGREDIENTS: COCOA TART DOUGH: 64 g margarine / vegan butter (70-80% fat); 60 g icing sugar; 27 g vegetable milk; Pinch of salt; 113 g plain flour; 28 g cornflour; 20

The sponge cake is one of the main preparations of Italian pastry, the base of many cakes, essential for a birthday cake, it is a recipe that everyone should have in their cookbook. It’s very simple, being the sponge vegan we don’t have to worry about whipping the eggs well and be carefull when adding the flour in order not to deflate the whipped mixture, Even if you are a beginner in pastry this recipe will surely come out well and without a problem. The only care