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INGREDIENTS for 10 cookies:   100 g pumpkin (cleaned and cut) 86 g margarine/vegan butter room T 100 g brown sugar 2 g salt 20 g potato starch 90 g rice flour 17 g cornstarch 2 g baking soda 20 g pumpkin seeds 20 g sunflower seeds 40 g oats   VIDEO:       METHOD: After cleaning and cutting the pumpkin, cut it thinly and place it on a baking sheet with parchment paper and a drizzle of oil. Cook in the oven at about 170 C degrees for about 20

Here is another simple simple recipe for the summer to make a nice watermelon sorbet.   TIPS FOR A GOOD SUCCESS: do not substitute sugars do not modify / omit ingredients use a good ice cream maker   TOOLS and INGREDIENTS USED (link): ice cream maker immersion blender Bamix xanthan gum dextrose glucose 60DE   VIDEO:       INGREDIENTS: 650 g watermelon puree 80 g caster sugar 20 g glucose 60DE 48 g dextrose 4 g xanthan gum   METHOD:   Mix together caster sugar, dextrose and xanthan gum. In a saucepan, weigh the watermelon puree and the glucose,