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INGREDIENTS:   1000 g fresh cut pumpkin (1000g of pumpkin already cleaned and cut) 10 g dry brewer's yeast 250 g warm water 12 g caster sugar 17 g salt 50 g olive oil 1200 g flour type 00       METHOD:   Cut the pumpkin into thin slices and place on a baking sheet with parchment paper, add a drizzle of olive oil and a little salt and cook at about 170 degrees until the pumpkin becomes soft (see video). The time depends on the thickness of the pumpkin, roughly at least half an hour.   Transfer the pumpkin to

Here is another simple simple recipe for the summer to make a nice watermelon sorbet.   TIPS FOR A GOOD SUCCESS: do not substitute sugars do not modify / omit ingredients use a good ice cream maker   TOOLS and INGREDIENTS USED (link): ice cream maker immersion blender Bamix xanthan gum dextrose glucose 60DE   VIDEO:       INGREDIENTS: 650 g watermelon puree 80 g caster sugar 20 g glucose 60DE 48 g dextrose 4 g xanthan gum   METHOD:   Mix together caster sugar, dextrose and xanthan gum. In a saucepan, weigh the watermelon puree and the glucose,

Did you ever eat frozen fruit yogurt as a child? These days this memory came back to me so I immediately started preparing them, since I really like banana I chose this flavor but you can also try them with other fruits They are a very quick snack to prepare, they only need a few hours of rest to freeze, and all you need is a blender and silicone molds.   VIDEO:       INGREDIENTS:   115 g vegetable plain yogurt 240 g banana 100 g vegetable whipping cream extra: vanilla, cinnamon, etc   METHOD:   Pour

VIDEO     INGREDIENTS:   COCOA CRUMBLE 90 g margarine (vegan butter) 45 g plain flour 90 g almond meal  30 g cocoa powder  1,5 g baking  1,5 g salt 55 g caster sugar or cane sugar    CHEESECAKE BASE 230 g crumble 50 g margarine   CHEESECAKE FILLING 120 g vegan cream cheese 150 g chocolate & hazelnut spreadable 160 g whipping cream   METHOD   Prepare the crumble. In a bowl, by hand, or in a food processor mix together the cold dice margarine with the flour until a sandy consistency is obtained. Add the almond meal

Here is a fresh and creamy cake. I made it last year for a collaboration with Vegamo, some of you will have already seen the recipe on their website (here). We were doing some work on the website when I made it so I forgot to publish it here too.   To make it I used Vegamo's chocolate spread, but another spread is also fine. Depending on the consistency of the spreadable you use, the cream of the cake will be more or less creamy.   The preparations are all