Author: L'Opéra del Dolce

Today I happened to see the photo of the pear and cinnamon cake I made a few weeks ago, and it immediately remembered how good it was, super soft and moist. I turned to the fruit basket on the table and saw some pears so I immediately decided to bake a similar cake, but this time chocolaty. So I made this soft chocolate and pear cake for you with hazelnuts to give a little crunchiness and melted chocolate at the end to decorate.   TOOLS USED: Glass bowl; Silicone

How to make some easy and quick vegan pancakes, but without sacrificing the taste? Uses a good vegetable milk, my favorite is the vanilla flavored soy milk (brand Alpro in Italy). Use a fruit (not watery), adding fruit is always good and gives flavor, moreover bananas are excellent substitutes for eggs to give structure to cakes. Do not give up the sugary part if you use a good sweetener. I chose INTEGRAL cane sugar / BROWN SUGAR (not to be confused with the beige-colored raw

TOOLS USED: ALUMINIUM BOWL; WHISK; MILLIGRAMS SCALE; SIEVE; PLUMCAKE MOLD; ELECTRIC MIXER; 12 MM CLOSED STAR TIP; SAC A POCHE.   INGREDIENTS: FOR THE PLUMCAKE: 170 g soy milk; 80 g veg oil; 35 g Maple syrup; 50 g brown sugar; 50 g coconut sugar; 1 pinch salt; 1 top apple cider vinegar; 210 g cake flour; 30 g potato starch; 14 g baking; 3 g bicarbonate; 1/2 tsp cinnamon; 40 g walnut; 120 g apple (about 1 apple cut in small pieces). CINNAMON CHANTILLY: 250 g veg cream

TOOLS USED: Silicone mat; Saucepan; Thermometer.   INGREDIENTS: 100 g almonds; 200 g caster sugar; 80 g water; Red food coloring.   METHOD: 1 - In a saucepan, pour the sugar, water and red coloring, bring to a temperature of about 115 °C and add the toasted almonds. 2 - Remove from the heat and stir until the sugar solidifies around the almonds, pour on a baking sheet with parchment paper or silicone mat, taking care to space them out and let them cool.   STOARGE: Store in an airtight bag or container

TOOLS USED: Silicone mat; Saucepan; Thermometer.   INGREDIENTS: 240 g mix of nuts (80 hazelnuts, 90 almonds, 50 arachidi, 20 coconut flakes); 80 g mix of seeds (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin); 350 g caster sugar; 30 g water; 1 lemon juice.   METHOD: 1 - Toast the nuts and seeds in the oven at 160 °C for about 10 minutes. 2 - In a saucepan, weigh water, lemon and sugar over low heat, bring to about 120 °C, pour in the dried fruit and seeds, mix with a wooden spoon or a

The classic Italian meringue is a meringue cooked with a syrup of water and sugar at 121 °C. In the vegan version we will replace the egg whites with the potato protein. This meringue can therefore be used to make mousses, decorate cakes or tarts, to make a butter/margarine meringue cream.   POTATO PROTEIN: I use the POTATO WHIP, it is a product of SOSA a very famous brand in pastry and cooking and with high quality products. It is a powder formed from the potato protein that has whipping and stabilizing

It’s possible to make a vegan custard and it’s super simple. Just replace the milk with a plant based milk of your choice, I have chosen the vanilla soy drink that has a light taste that I like. Then to get that creaminess that the yolks give I use Natur Emul Sosa, a product created with citrus fiber used to replace the fat that serves to emulsify and therefore to give creaminess and stability.   INGREDIENTS: 250 g vanilla soy drink; 1/2 vanilla bean; 40 g sugar; 10