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The sponge cake is one of the main preparations of Italian pastry, the base of many cakes, essential for a birthday cake, it is a recipe that everyone should have in their cookbook. It’s very simple, being the sponge vegan we don’t have to worry about whipping the eggs well and be carefull when adding the flour in order not to deflate the whipped mixture, Even if you are a beginner in pastry this recipe will surely come out well and without a problem. The only care

Autumn has arrived and with it the cold, the rain, the humidity … so I present you this super easy and delicious recipe. A pear and yogurt cake flavored with cinnamon and ginger, perfect to enjoy it on a rainy Sunday afternoon, on the sofa under the blanket, in front of a Netflix’s series, and with a nice warm tea of lemon and ginger (my favorite). It has been a long time since I’ve baked a classic cake, but perhaps this cold and rainy weather reminded

The long awaited moment has arrived!!! Now you can discover the recipe for my super creamy vegan tiramisu, and without cashews!!! What have I used? First of all I made the savoiardi (ladyfingers) and I didn’t use any ready-made biscuits, I made them by making a meringue base with potato protein (you can replace with acquafaba) and then I added some fats, flour and baking For the tiramisu cream I made a base of pastry cream, to which I then added a vegan mascarpone that you can find on

Cakes and desserts with a soft liquid heart are my favorites, and salted caramel is by far the thing I love most .. then with the winter months I start loving chocolate again. So today I want to share with you this SUPER CUPCAKE, a cocoa muffin, with a heart of salted caramel, decorated with a cocoa chantilly and cocoa nibs .. I assure you it is delicious and I prepared it in no time.   COMPOSITION: Cocoa muffin; Salted caramel sauce; Cocoa chantilly; Cocoa nibs.   TOOLS USED: Aluminium

Soft cocoa mini plumcakes perfect for a snack with friends, very simple and quick to make.   TOOLS USED: Bowl; Whisk; Milligram scale; Sieve; Mini plumcake paper moulds.   INGREDIENTS for 10 minis or 1 big: 360 g vegetable milk; A tsp vinegar; 150 g sunflower seeds oil; 50 g brown sugar; 180 g caster sugar; 230 g cake flour; 5 g baking powder; 5 g baking soda; 80 g cocoa powder; 100 g chunks of dark chocolate.   METHOD: 1 - Preheat the oven to 165 °C, static. 2 - In a bowl,

One day you wake up and have a craving for chocolate, a super chocolate cake, one of those very soft and moist, rich in cream, and what do you do? You have no way out, when the craving for chocolate calls you have to get in the kitchen and start baking. That’s how I created this cake, and I want to share the recipe with you because I liked it a lot, and it completely satisfied my craving for chocolate.   COMPOSITION: Cocoa sponge soft and moist; Dark

Valentine's Day is upon us and if you don't have much time to prepare a dessert, these simple shortcrust cookies are for you. I used a vanilla shortcrust pastry to make the base of the cookies, which I then decorated with royal icing, pistachios and the final touch given by edible flowers that make everything very romantic. What are you waiting for? Go read the recipe!!!   TOOLS USED: Food processor; Graduated jug; Rolling pin; Heart shaped cutter; Pastry bags; Pistachio grains; Ebidle flowers.   INGREDIENTS for about 16 cookie, small

Spelled is one of the oldest known cereals in history, compared to other cereals, spelled has a lower caloric intake, in fact it provides only 335 Kcal per 100 grams. Spelled flour is rich in proteins (15%), B vitamins and is important as it also contains methionine, an essential amino acid. The nutritional value of this flour is high. A diet based on products derived from spelled is particularly suitable for those who do not digest bread, pasta or other products made from hard or soft wheat,

Do you want to surprise your guests at Christmas with a different dessert than usual? Simple? And that you can prepare in advance to be able to dedicate yourself to other preparations? I have the perfect recipe for you!!! A nougat-flavored semifreddo made with a filling based on meringue and cream, with the addition of dried fruit and candied fruit, and a base of gingerbread biscuits .. more Christmas than that?? And it’s a frozen dessert so you can prepare it days in advance and store in the freezer. It

Did you know it is possible to create sweets that are a little healthier, lighter and still end up with a super tasty and good product? In these cookies we will not use refined flour and sugars, we will not use butter, eggs, milk … they are 100% vegan 🌱 watch the video to find out the ingredients!   TOOLS USED: Glass bowls; Graduated jug; Small Glass bowls; High heat silicone spatola; Whisk; Coconut sugar; Wholemeal flour 7 cereals; Coconut oil; Christmas cookies cutters.   VIDEO:   INGREDIENTS for about 20