October 2022

Today I teach you how to make this Non Tiramisu! Why Not Tiramisu? because I wanted to create a dessert that was reminiscent of tiramisu, but easier, faster, without ladyfingers and vegan, so I gave it this name.   I hope you like it, the special touch is given by a chocolate and coffee ganache.   VIDEO:   INGREDIENTS: GANACHE CHOCO COFFEE: 150 g vegetable whipping cream 25 g glucose syrup 2,5 g instant coffee 65 g dark chocolate 54% 40 g margarine / vegan butter CREAM: 700 g vegetable whipping cream 20 g

I'm not a Halloween lover but I love black desserts, but how can they be done without using black colors? The secret ingredient is powdered vegetable charcoal, a few grams are enough to obtain an intense black and it does not release any unpleasant taste, so we only use it to give color and create something special.   VIDEO:   INGREDIENTS: MIXTURE: 120 g plain yogurt (soy) 200 g vegetable milk (soy) 25 g coconut oil 25 g brown sugar 200 g flour type 00 2,5 g baking soda 3 g