L'Opéra del Dolce is an Online Pastry Academy


with practical and theoretical lessons to provide a 360°
competence on vegan desserts



Video lessons to learn the theory with basic notions on vegan ingredients, methods used, production techniques.


Practical video lessons to follow every single preparation step by step.


Complete PDF of ingredients and procedures for each recipe of the course.


Certificate of participation after completing all lessons.


It is not necessary to take notes, a dossier will be provided with all the theoretical notions covered in the course.


You can view the lessons multiple times and whenever you want, the courses do not have a deadline. The school is open 24/24.


Study from anywhere using any device with Internet access. Zero travel, room and board expenses.


Chef Alessia will be available to clarify any doubts, give suggestions and help students.

Collection of digital books

with simple vegan pastry recipes

Students said about the Academy...


I really wanted a course on modern vegan pastry and by chance I found Alessia on Instagram. I was fascinated by her desserts 😍 I first bought the course on modern vegan cakes and I never stopped from there! The courses are very beautiful and complete and in addition to the recipes and videos there is a whole section dedicated to theory that helps a lot to understand the ingredients and their use that I had not found in other online courses. Even the ebooks are really well done and the recipes and the various steps explained to the perfection. Alessia is a wonderful girl, always kind and willing to answer any questions related to her courses and pastry in general, equipment and ingredients. Each course of her is a fantastic journey to discover the wonders of vegan pastry!
I met Alessia on her Instagram profile and I was literally captivated by the originality of her desserts. Accustomed to the “classic” vegan desserts with a homemade style, I could not believe that Alessia’s were vegan desserts … And instead, wonder of wonders they were all preparations without animal derivatives. So I browsed her shop and I also found ebooks … From that moment I simply fell in love with Alessia’s sweets and started buying courses and ebooks. The ebooks are really well done and explained in each step, the photos are clear and leave no doubt … And what about the online courses, Alessia explains everything in detail, both the theoretical part and the practical steps, in addition to providing the pdf content with the theory explained in the videos, the recipes and the execution of the assembly. I would like to congratulate Alessia from my heart for the wonderful job she is doing and even more for her kindness and availability. Dear Alessia, never change your style because I find it really successful, and you are a wonderful person ❤️
I met Alessia by chance on instagram and I was fascinated by the beauty of her desserts I first bought the “modern vegan cakes” course and I must say that they are not only beautiful but also very good I have never tasted such good vegan desserts Alessia is very helpful and helped me to resolve any doubts I had After this course I bought another one and also several ebooks and I will certainly buy others For those who like sweets and those who love to make them I recommend buying them, you will not regret it
The courses are very well explained. You can see that Alessia is very well prepared, she explains in detail the ingredients, their function and composition. It’s hard to find a vegan pastry course that’s as good as hers.
I am very happy to have met a vegan chef like Alessia, her courses are exceptional, well cared for and with surprising results even for those like me who did not have a previous experience in vegan pastry. I have been looking for such complete and exhaustive courses for a long time. I suggest to anyone who is approaching the vegan pastry world to buy her courses because the taste and aesthetics of these sweets will surprise you.
I did an online private course with Alessia about the basis of modern Vegan pastry, the construction of cakes and single portions. I was very satisfied with the knowledge I learned and also with Alessia's courtesy and way of explaining, who is really very, very prepared. I also took other vegan pastry courses but I must say that her advice is the one that influenced me the most. Highly recommended for both professionals and non-professionals !!!
I discovered Alessia by chance, on Instagram ... the stories with her wonderful cakes had impressed me very much, so I decided to buy the course on Rocher Vegan. Her explanations are very comprehensive, she explains in detail every little component of the dessert giving a lot of advice. There are also printable pdfs of everything covered in the course so you don't even have to sit and take notes. She is really very good and competent. For sure I will also buy the course of modern vegan cakes because they are great courses! I add that she is also very helpful ... I couldn't find how to print the pdfs (I'm clumsy) and she helped me immediately! Super, really!
“I purchased the course on the vegan Rocher, Alessia is very professional and precise in the explanations, the dessert is presented in a clear way with a lot of pdf and theoretical explanations. I was able to easily replicate the dessert and expand my knowledge in the field of vegan pastry, highly recommended !!!”
- Silvia -
“I met Alessia in her Ig profile, I was immediately fascinated by her Beautiful Modern Tart and I didn't hesitate to buy her e-book. I could not have made a better choice and she is always available to give me advice to my doubts !!! Great Alessia”
- Fabrizio -
“I took the modern cake online course and recreated chocolate and coffee for my birthday !! Delicious!! Fantastic course, all explained in the smallest detail, well structured and Alessia super available for further explanations and help where I was not sure about some steps. I recommend everyone to follow her and buy her courses because it's really worth it !!”
- Arianna -
“Fabulous recipes! If you love pastries like me and want to make something delicious and cruelty free at home, you should definitely try these recipes from Alessia!“
- Mara -
“Delicious vegan modern recipes, but above all I appreciated the explanation of the products used and the way in which the various preparations are explained step by step!“
- Ambra -
“Congratulations because you are innovative and not obvious. Your recipes have pleasantly surprised me.”
“Alessia is a true artist in vegan pastry. She will make you dream with her pastries”

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